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"Love Scenes That Went Too Far" in Witness (Spring 2024)

"The Great Dying" and "Hungry Ghosts" in Nimrod (Spring 2024)


"Pleurotomaria" and "The First Water" in The Massachusetts Review (Fall 2023)


"Of the Lights That Goe Before You." in The Gettysburg Review (Summer 2023)

"Sister Blue" and "World's Oldest Spider Dies, Aged 43" in Kenyon Review (Winter 2023)

"de Humani Corporis Fabrica" in Poet Lore (Summer/Fall 2022)

"War Story" in North American Review (Fall 2022)

"Thunderbird" in Indiana Review (Summer 2022)

"Greene See" (fiction) in BONEMILK II (Spring 2022)

"Poem with Four Gold Fish" in Salt Hill (Fall 2020)

"Aubade with Dolly Parton on Vinyl" in Best New Poets 2019

"Gods of August (1972)" in The Journal (Fall 2019)


"Geologia" in The Gettysburg Review (Summer 2019)

“Stravinsky Plays As Your Memory Returns” and

“Terra Corpora: Night Myth” in Artful Dodge (Fall 2018)


"Terra Corpora: Creation Myth" in Crazyhorse (Spring 2018)


“Memoria Animalia in Best New Poets 2017

“Stella Animalia: Harvest Myth” in Columbia Poetry Review (May 2017)

“Monstrum (n.)” in The Southeast Review (September 2016)

“Poem For the Bomb in My Father’s Chest” in The Southeast Review (September 2016)

“Poem With Accidents” in Fourteen Hills (July 2016)

“Nox Animalia” in Fourteen Hills (July 2016)

“Vox Animalia” in Clackamas Literary Review (April 2016)

“Because You Said I Told You We Have Rock Rivers, But No Water” in  Read America(s)
by Locked Horn Press (March 2016)


“Patris Famem: In Which My Father Is Repin’s Ivan” in H.O.W. Journal (September 2015)


“For the Summer When I Was Tereza, Holding the Stone” in H.O.W. Journal (September 2015)


“Aubade For the Flood Hero” in The Journal (June 2014)

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