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"Welcome to Bangkok" in The American Poetry Review (forthcoming)

"Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis" in The Columbia Review (Spring 2024)

"Fifth Element" (fiction) in Crow & Cross Keys (July 2023) 

"Spaghetti Western" in Narrative (Summer 2023)

"Minnie Mouse vs. Security" in The Missouri Review (June 2022)

"Blessing the Pets" (fiction) in The Molotov Cocktail (October 2020)

"Metempsychosis" in Crab Orchard Review (forthcoming)

"Tale XVIII: Pool Days" from Butcher's Tale

in Beacon Quarterly (Summer 2021)

"Overworld: Lyre Myth" and 

"Overworld: Divining Myth" and 

"In the Center/ A Tender Light/ Like a Hammer" (fiction)

in Two Peach (June 2019)


"Overworld: Quarry Myth" and

"Poem for How to Kill the Wolf" and

"Gods of August (1977)" in The Adroit Journal (January 2019)


"Evelyn" in New Orleans Review (December 2018)


"Aubade with Dolly Parton on Vinyl" and 

"Poem in Which We're Finally Cowboys"

in The Account: A Journal of Prose Poetry and Thought (November 2018)


"How to Forget a River" in Gulf Coast (August 2018)


“One Day, Tom Cruise” in Boston Review (October 2018)

“Mourning Elizabeth” in JuxtaProse (Spring 2018)

“There’s Nothing Left of Me That Matters That Isn’t Made of Ocean” and

“My Father In the Other Room Tells His Brother’s Ex-Lover How to Love a Man”

in New Orleans Review (September 2017)

“Poem for Prometheus Eating the Eagle” in The Columbia Review (August 2017)


“Forgive Me Less Than How You Found Me” in Radar Poetry (July 2017)


“Song for My Sister’s Body” in The Offing (March 2017)


“Gods of August (II)” in The Offing (March 2017)


“If You Were On Fire, I Would Sing Happy Birthday” in The Curator (Dec. 2016)


“Volta” in Rattle (August 2016)


“Elegy In Which the Sarychev Volcano Is Seen From Space” in The Adroit Journal (August 2016)


“Litany for the Memory of My Mother’s Hands” in JuxtaProse Literary Magazine (March 2016)


“Another Name for Autopsy” in JuxtaProse Literary Magazine (March 2016)


“Second Fish From the Right” in B O D Y (February 2016)


“Fugue From the Burning Piano” in Cider Press Review (January 2016)


“Nox Acciderere: Aubade Found Along­side Mar­ian Drew’s Pel­i­can With Turnips”

in The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought (November 2015)


“Fugue From the Destroyed Piano” in Sixth Finch (November 2015)


“For the Mirrors Inside You” in District Lit (November 2015)


“Orpheus, Ascending” in Cider Press Review (October 2015)


“For Stephen Who Is Not the Martyr,” in Nashville Review (August 2015)


“Benediction” in Nashville Review (August 2015)


“On Learning to Play the Piano With a Hammer” in Word Riot (July 2015)


“September Requiem: In Which Sköll Swallows the Sun” in The Baltimore Review (April 2015)


“Nox Manualis” in The Baltimore Review (April 2015)


“Sandy Island Disappears From the World Atlas As You Speak to Your Father” in Ninth Letter (July 2014)


“The Dream In Which My Body Catches Paul Celan Descending Into the Seine” in Radar Poetry (Dec. 2013)


“Fugue For the Sky Burial of Your Father” in Gulf Coast (October 2013)


“Nocturne For the Eleventh Hour” in H.O.W. Journal (December 2012)

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